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Personnel service providers have become firmly established in the media business and are now indispensable. An increasing number of media companies are meeting the challenges of growing demands for skilled personnel with the flexible integration of external staff.

BUCH MICH has built its personnel service on two cornerstones, namely availability of short-term placements and strategic placements for long-term support. Access to additional personnel at extremely short notice allows you to further expand your entrepreneurial scope. You can count on the fact that even "last minute" bookings with us do not result in a loss in quality. Our second core competence lies in the development of long-term personnel outsourcing strategies. As responsible employer and through our years of experience, we have the instincts and foresight that such changes require.

Whenever your full-time staff requires additional support, whether short-term or long-term, during peak times or for everyday business, our team will assist you in analysing your special requirements and selecting the perfect personnel for you.

The advantages

With our assistance, you will be able to deploy additional qualified, reliable and committed employees at short notice whenever you require additional staff. Our pool of over 240 full-time employee offers diversity and competence as well as the added benefit of reducing your administrative work, because we handle all social security and tax law matters.
Benefit from the advantage of proximity across the nation, thanks to our branch offices in Cologne, Munich and Hamburg.


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