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The internet has changed the world of marketing communication significantly. Where print media, radio and television used to dominate, digital channels and tools are now increasingly being used to attract attention. With the PM Passion Marketing GmbH, we provide you with a strong long-term partner who will reliably and competently support you in the implementation of your online projects.

Successful online strategy and communication starts with a corporate website that measures up to current standards: automatic content adjustment to the display size of the device in use is just as important as the legibility and user-friendliness of the information displayed. We will gladly assist you in keeping your website up to date.
Online marketing methods are particularly valuable when trying to bring the content of your website to your target audience. Our work focuses on social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. We will accompany you through the initial analysis, the conceptual and strategic planning phase, the selection of suitable channels, all the way through to the implementation and monitoring of the planned measures.

The agency PM Passion Marketing GmbH has been active in Cologne since 2012 as a communication and online marketing agency. Having implemented many online projects, the team is able to access an extensive wealth of experience, which they pour into new projects and challenges. A network of specialists such as copywriters, photographers and translators supports the team and ensures a smooth and coordinated process from a single source. BUCH MICH and PM Passion Marketing - a trusted combination that creates synergies!

Daniela Leonhard - PM Passion Marketing
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