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360° film

Bring your entire product and corporate world to your customers - everywhere and at any time.

What was previously only known from science fiction movies or computer games can now be used to promote your corporate and product image and your sales: we can use a 360° film to stage your products and services in a virtual reality presentation, bringing them almost within arm’s reach.
Here too, the options are manifold and can be adapted to your individual product/service range. The product or service can be shown individually or in use. Products still in development can also be brought to life with virtual reality and a 360° film, as though they were already part of reality. Use direct feedback from your customers and let it contribute to ongoing developments.
While there are many different ways to implement it, the limited availability of the technology also helps boost your image: innovative products meet innovative technology.

The “MOVR” company specialises in virtual reality (VR) applications and cloud-based services for business partners, “Made in Germany”. We take your 360° films into the world of virtual reality and, with the help of our innovative VR applications, combine it with the latest VR and AR technology. Alternatively, we can create a 360° experience on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. Find out more and experience more with BUCH MICH and MOVR.


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